Wow, so here it is…. my first “Mom Blog”. Ya know, I never expected to be the mom writing the blog, but unbeknownst to me I was going to birth a Hellcat Monster of a kid and have more knowledge to share than I ever anticipated.

So, let me introduce myself, I am Keisha, and shall refer to myself here on out as Mother Pecker. [Insert eye roll here.] I was given, errr blessed, with a baby boy in October of 2015. Here we are in October of 2016 before I have even had a minute to share some thoughts; fist pump first-time moms; be honest, we had no┬áidea what we were getting into…

Anyways, I own my own business, but am lucky enough to only have to show up 3 days a week to. I have a lovely employee two days, and my dad runs it the other day free-of-charge, as I would have no dollas to pay him, so he has no choice. So, that leaves my kid 3 days a week at home alone, ha, just kidding, worse: it leaves him in daycare. I’m even kidding on that, we have a wonderful daycare. But, the best part, leaves me to spend 4 whole entire days a week with him! 24 hours a day, and he uses every. last. hour. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, what’s up with my husband? He too has his own business. He chooses to make money though, as we have to to survive and works minimum 5 days a week, and typically evenings and at least a small job on the weekend. He’s a finish carpenter, not that it matters, but it does, because when my Baby Bird is big enough to learn, he will teach him everything! My husband can literally do anything and everything, and do it better than most anyone else. That’s why he will never not have work, even if I’m the one that give it to him.

Well, now you know the gist, I will return tomorrow with a wonderful story of marital strain based solely on the color of your child’s poop….